• welcome

    Welcome to our long awaited and much anticipated songwriter association. We're based in the Music Capitol of the World, Nashville tennessee where more music of all kinds have been discovered and produced than any other city anywhere. Come be part of history as we make it happen in the changing landscape of the music business!

  • Members

    We are excited about the early growth of our songwriter association. We currently have 364 or more of some of the best songwriters out there as members of our growing family of successful writers. With our innovative way of publishing in operation we're able to assist these members and many more so come join now and find your success!

  • Social Network

    We've built a really cool social networking element into our songwriter association which is something we haven't found in any other. As a member of our association you'll have 24/7 access to other songwriting members from around the World. We've also built an innovative collaboration system into our social network that'll team you with some of the industry's best!

  • Benefits

    Benefits abound in your YourTuneSpace.com association. We have personnel who's primary job is to build benefits into our association. You already have the most important benefit of having your very own publisher but we want to make it even better with things like purchasing power, demo services, studio discounts, and many more as time goes along!

  • support

    When all other so-called songwriter associations charge a small fortune and do nothing but wait for the industry to come to them, we are built and operated by a mainstream publishing group based right here in Nashville Tennessee and with it's thumb on the very pulse of the music industry ready to publish your great songs. Wow!

We can show you a new way!

You bet we can show you a better way! We've built an entirely new publishing system business model that serves songwriters in a way as never before. We've actually designed our innovative system so the industry loves it too! It's what we call a win, win, win situation! CLICK HERE to learn more about what you'll get and how little it actually cost!

Our songwriters are our priority

Everything we do is dedicated to the support and prosperity of all songwriters who wish to be a part of the changing industry.

We're committed to finding you opportunity in an ever changing landscape of what we call the music business. As difficulties emerge we stand fast to meet the challenges and overcome all obstacles clearing a path for your success.